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Islamic Credit Cards 2009

No Of Pages : 13

  • Regarding commercial and financial transactions, Muslims must avoid prohibited elements; including: Riba (interest premium); Maisir (speculation/gambling), Gharar (deception/uncertainty); and impermissible activities.
  • Prohibited categories are: pork, alcohol, tobacco, munitions, armaments, casinos, bars and night clubs, pornography, hoarding and market manipulation and similar unjust and exploitive activities.
  • Islamic principles accept private property and encourage trade for profits.

Takaful Dissecting the Sales Process 2015

No Of Pages : 17

  • Every Sale of Insurance/Takaful coverage has TWO SIDES
  • Viewpoint of Buyer vs. Viewpoint of Seller….sounds obvious yet most Seller’s only focus on their goals.
  • Value creation in selling requires TWO SIDED thinking to develop a Win/Win outcome
  • Many sales are Win/Lose (Company Wins/Client Loses)

Wealth Building Using Takaful Tools And Techniques

What Builds Wealth ?

  • Savings – Bank Accounts
  • Employer Savings/Retirement Plans
  • Personal Investment Plans and Takaful / Insurance
  • Business Ownership
  • Jewelry, Art, Rare Coins & Collectibles
  • Inheritance
  • Other: Winnings, Inventions, Books, Patents

Value, Strategy, Risk 2011

How to Create Core Business Value and better manage Risks.

Outline :

  • What is business Value Creation?
  • Main Risk Drivers and Value Drivers
  • “Old Fashioned” business model
  • “Risk Smart” business model
  • Building blocks of strategy & driven business focus
  • Free!

Takaful Premium Investment

Golden Triad-Safety, Security and Liquidity and Rating Agency .

According to AM Best’s Rating methodology * “the starting point for assessing financial strength of a particular insurance company is Best’s Capital Adequacy Ratio (BCAR)”, which in the case of a Takaful company is applied to a) Policyholders’funds (1sttier) and to b) Shareholders’funds (2ndtier).

Findings –Given the comparatively restricted investment policy of a typical Takaful company-its consequent higher levels of counterparty risk, geographical concentration, and higher than average proportion of stock holdings, capital requirements in many cases are significantly larger than for a conventional company of similar size.


Takaful Asset Management April 2006

Capitalizing on the Interface between Takaful and Asset Management.

  • Dominance of “Short Dominance of “Short–tail” personal lines risks which tail” personal lines risks which p p generate high cash flows are being channeled into generate high cash flows are being channeled into short short–term (a) Equity term (a) Equity–based investments and (b) real based investments and (b) real estateprojects estateprojects estate projects estate projects
  • The axiom of Risk The axiom of Risk–Return rewards states that high Return rewards states that high ReturnsrelatetohighRisks ReturnsrelatetohighRisks Returns relate to high Risks…… Returns relate to high Risk.

Social Enterpr Networking Insurance Sept 2012

A Disruptive Innovation for Insurance.

Dr. Omar Clark Fisher is Managing Director of Khidr Solutions and a recognized expert in Takaful, Islamic
Finance and business intelligence techniques that lead companies to new levels of success. His office is
Dubai Silicon Oasis, or visit.


SME Article Premium Mag Aug 2011

Effective Risk Management for SME'S

According to a study by Dun and Bradstreet, banks in the UAE in 2008 rejected 50-70% of credit applications from SMEs due to the higher risk and due to appli- cants’ failure to meet basic loan conditions. Because most SMEs in GCC have been in busi- ness less than 7 years, and many cannot muster credible financial state- ments for at least 3 years, bank loans and lines of credit are un- available to 55% of SMEs.


SME Article Aug 2010

Risk in the GCC: Managing Risks and Boosting Profits.
It is well accepted that SMEs generally are a major pillar in the mar- ket economy and supply the following:

  • Source of vitality and innovation
  • Pool of skilled and semi-skilled workers
  • Driver for job crea- tion
  • Promotes economic stability as comple- ment to large corpo- rations
  • Broadens and diver- sifies the basis of competition within the economy.

Royal Univ of Women Islamic Finance June 2009

  • Early Christians adhered to the Biblical teachings: “Lending is for the Benefit of the Poor, without charging Interest.:/Exodus 22:25, or “The aim of Loans is to Help People get back on their Feet.”/Leviticus 25:35 -37 .
  • Jews followed the Torah which rejects the “notion of a Loan as a transaction that brings Benefit to the Lender.” Rabbinical Law.
  • Moses Maimonidies laws state that “It is permissible for a Jew to Charge Interest to a non – Jew ONLY when and in the amount necessary to provide himself with a basic living.” Law of Loans, Chap. 5, Law 2

Risk Management Dubai Speech

Risk Management : Synergy between Islamic Finance and Takaful (Islamic Insurance)

Risk management in the 1970s dealt with ‘passive risks’ and concerned itself more with measurement of risk exposures, a reduction of the costs of insurance buying and the promotion of broker relationships much more than close examination of the risks themselves.

During the decade of the 1980s, a shift occurred in business risk management whereby companies performed assessments of risks confronting their enterprise from competition, the rate of technological change, product liability risks, etc. and endeavored to coordinate an internal process to respond.


Risk Chart SME jan 2012

Khidr Solutions – REV Up SME business

Risk Chart SME