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Social Enterprise Networking Insurance 2014

  • Basic research innovation- involves research labs, grants to academic institutions or affiliated scientific labs, experimentation.
  • Sustaining innovation – involves engineering solutions, marginal improvements, often outsourced “test & improve” activities, and requires a well-defined process of innovation management.

Roots of Takaful – Guidance form Quran and first Constitution of Medinah 2012

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  • Principle A: Shared responsibility through mutual consent
  • Principle B: Joint indemnification for losses and hardships
  • Principle C: Mutual aid and assistance
  • Principle D: Solidarity arising from equality and unity
  • Principle E: Piety for individuals as well as the collective group by fulfillment of tenets of faith.

Liechtenstein Confer Islamic Wealth and Takaful Nov 2014

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  • Gain control over your finance and money
  • Reduce uncertainty and increase security
  • Design a Plan to save more money and to invest wisely
  • Satisfy your responsibility as head of Family or Household
  • Measurement tool for gauging progress and success

Islamic Wealth Building Basics Liecht Oct 2014

Wealthy Locations 2013

  • U.S., Japan, Germany and China account for 1.23 Mil wealth persons and 60% of all Global Wealth
  • Global average growth in HNWI wealth 9.9%
  • Saudi Arabia 151,000 10% growth
  • Kuwait 125,000 18% growth
  • Singapore 105,000 15% growth

Draft sep 19 Charitable Giving

 A waqf need not be real estate or buildings‐ in fact Muslims  have donated such items as these to become a waqf: 

  • Astronomical observatory (13th century Turkey) 
  • Hospitals (9th century Iraq) 
  • Travels accommodation (12th century Mekkah, Saudi Arabia) 
  • Orphanage (19th century Turkey and Malaysia) 
  • Quranic schools and recitation centers 
  • Funding for widows 
  • Water wells 
  • Ships to transport pilgrims to Mekkah from Egypt 

Africa Potential for Takaful and Retakaful thru 2030, Djibouti 2013

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  • 21 Majority Muslim countries
  • 5 Levant countries account for 167 Mil Muslims
  • SubShara Africa (SSA) has 242 Mil Muslims (2010) or 29.6% of region population of 822.7 Mil
  • SSA Christians are 517.3 Mil